Thursday, 14 October 2010

Teacher, the Motivator - Poem

Teacher, the Motivator

Teacher ,a guide post to children running past

Does softly scold but strongly mould

Teacher with ability and nobility

Is  always for students’stability

Teacher, the donor a mighty giver

Feeding the children to make the nation a power

Teacher with devotion and dedication makes the nation

Attain feat with(out)defeat

Entertains the room but enlightens the path

Wields no stick to make the pupils pick

Blesses them with kindness and smile

Their fragrance like perennial Nile

Teacher, deeply embedded in students’ minds

Is beacon of light for the future delight

Replaces the blackboard with powerful keyboard

Systems are pupils CPU is the teacher

Creativity in the class , festivity in life

Hence, todays’trend is teacher the friend

Teacher, plants good seeds with pleasant deeds

On the whole, he touches the soul

Teacher stands for veneration even after generations

Nothing can him replace as life has no replays.

P Antony

PG Assistant in English
Govt. Hr. Sec. School
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